Date: 29 11 2015
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Beat Generation

The Beat Generation was a literary movement that began in the early 1950s and ended in the 1960s in the USA. In the fiftieth, a group of young unpublished American writers came to the center of attention of media and instatly became a hit. It was not only a writing style, but a lifestyle as well, a fashion that marked the period. Terms such as “beatnik”, “beat”, and “beat generation” (meaning “exhausted" ) were part of the new American slang, defining “bad boys” in hostility to the Establishment. They abused drugs, practiced free sex, loved jazz, admired life on the road, and read poetry in crammed student apartments and coffee houses of Greenwich Village and San Francisco. The Beat Generation left only a few memorable works, but still, it was enough to mark a time of profound changes in American culture.

Main characteristics:

  • Interest in personal relationship
  • Expressing sadness due to the fade of love and passion
  • Discovering bond between “the boys”
  • Flirting with politics, sex, drugs, dreams
  • Dedication to restlessness
  • Impulsiveness
  • No perfection of style

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Baraka Amiri
Brautigan Richard
Bukowski Charles
Burroughs William S.
Cassady Neal
Corso Gregory
Creeley Robert
Diane di Prima
Duncan Robert
Eberhart Richard
Everson William
Ferlinghetti Lawrence
Ginsberg Allen
Holmes John Clellon
Kerouac Jack
Kesey Ken
Lamantia Philip
Levertov Denise
Mailer Norman
McClure Michael
O'Hara Frank
Orlovsky Peter
Patchen Kenneth
Rexroth Kenneth
Snyder Gary
Spicer Jack
Waldman Anne
Welch Lew
Whalen Philip
Williams William Carlos
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