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Albert Aurier
Albert Aurier
Albert Aurier
(Châteauroux, France, 1865 - Paris, France, Octobre 5, 1892)

Albert Aurier was a French poet, art critic and painter, mainly associated with Symbolism. His essays and art criticisms were published in a number of periodicals, such as  Le Décadent, La Plume, Le Moderniste and Mercure de France and made him famous. Half a year after his death, his friends published his collected writings (edited by the Mercure de France). Aurier was especially noted for his essays on Vincent van Gogh and Paul Gauguin.

Major works:

Les Isolés: Vincent van Gogh, Mercure de France, 1890
Le Symbolisme en peinture: Paul Gauguin, Mercure de France, 1891
Les Symbolistes, Revue encyclopédique 2, 1892

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