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Buchi Emecheta
(Yaba near Lagos, Nigeria, July 21, 1944)

Buchi Emecheta
Buchi Emecheta
Buchi Emecheta's is a Nigerian Ibo writer whose works deal with the portrayal of the African woman and her role in both immigrant and African milieu. As her sexuality and motherhood are mostly the only value women have in such settings, many of her writings explore struggles of African women moving from traditional to modern roles in societies where men have little respect for them. Her first two novels, “In the Ditch” and “Second Class Citizen,” based on her own experiences as both a single parent and a black woman living in Britain, were published together as “Adah's Story.” Other novels are set in Nigeria and are highly critical of the treatment of African women, sexual politics and racial prejudice.
Buchi Emecheta runs the Ogwugwu Afor Publishing Company, has been a member of the Home Secretary's Advisory Council on Race since 1979, a member of the Arts Council from 1982 to 1983, and is a regular contributor to the New Statesman, the Times Literary Supplement and The Guardian.

Major works:

In the Ditch, 1972
Second Class Citizen, 1974
The Bride Price, 1976
The Slave Girl, 1977
Titch the Cat, 1979
Nowhere to Play, 1980
The Moonlight Bride, 1980
The Wrestling Match, 1980
On Our Freedom, 1981
Destination Biafra, 1982
Naira Power, 1982
Double Yoke, 1982
The Rape of Shavi, 1983
Adah's Story, 1983
The Rape of Shavi, 1983
A Kind of Marriage, 1986
Head Above Water, 1986
Family Bargain, 1987
Gwendolen (The Family), 1990
Kehinde, 1994
The New Tribe, 2000
  • I work toward the liberation of women, but I'm not feminist. I'm just a woman.
  • In all my novels, I deal with the many problems and prejudices which exist for Black people in Britain today.

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