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Rudolfo Anaya
(Pastura, New Mexico, October 30, 1937)

Rudolfo Anaya
Rudolfo Anaya
Rudolfo Anaya is an American writer and educator whose fiction explore the literature and legends of mestizo America, his Mexican American heritage, the tradition of folklore and oral storytelling in Spanish, and the Jungian mythic perspective. He also wrote a series of mysteries cantered on detective Sonny Baca such as “Zia Summer,” “Rio Grande Fall," and “Shaman Winter.”

His contribution to the promotion of books by Hispanic authors is invaluable. For his work he won the prestigious Premio Quinto Sol award (for “Bless Me, Ultima”), a National Medal of the Arts by President George W. Bush, Luis Leal Award for Distinction in Chicano/Latino Literature, and the PEN Center USA West Award for Fiction (for Alburquerque)

Major works:

Bless Me, Ultima, 1972
Heart of Aztlan, 1976
Tortuga, 1979
Cuentos: Tales from the Hispanic Southwest, 1980
A Ceremony of Brotherhood, 1680-1980, 1981
The Silence of Llano, 1982
Cuentos Chicanos, 1984
The Legend of La Llorona, 1984
The Adventures of Juan Chicaspatas, 1985
A Chicano in China, 1986
Lord of the Dawn: The Legend of Quetzalcóatl, 1987
The Farolitos of Christmas: A New Mexico Christmas Story, 1987
Alburquerque, 1992
Flow of the River 2nd ed., 1992
The Sonny Baca mysteries:
Zia Summer, 1995
Rio Grande Fall, 1996
Shaman Winter, 1999
Jemez Spring, 2005,
The Anaya Reader, 1995
Descansos: An Interrupted Journey, 1995
Jalamanta: A Message from the Desert, 1996
Maya's Children: The Story of La Llorana, 1996
Farolitos for Abuelo, 1998
My Land Sings: Stories from the Rio Grande, 1999
Roadrunner's Dance, 2000
Elegy on the Death of César Chávez, 2000
The Santero's Miracle: A Bilingual Story, 2004
Serafina's Stories, 2004
The Man Who Could Fly and Other Stories, 2006

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